Metropolitan Risk was founded in 2010 as a result of a simple observation: the way most small and mid-size businesses purchase insurance is flawed.

These companies “shop” their insurance out as much as once per year, hoping to find a cheaper price. However, the amount they end up paying is a direct function of how well they prevent losses and manage claims. Therefore high insurance costs are not the disease but a symptom of their results. In addition, whichever broker gets to the best fit carrier first gets the policy even though brokers have access to the same pool of carriers. This means the business is not choosing a broker based on their service.

These flaws led Michael Stoop to create a better experience. To do so, he had to sell his already successful agency and start fresh with a new platform. First he decided he wanted a firm that ONLY works on commercial lines, so clients could get the level of service they deserved. Today, with our integrated tools and best in class risk management staff, businesses can easily identify risk, improve safety, reduce losses, and as a result, their insurance premiums. Most importantly, they can do this efficiently. By acting as both insurance broker, and risk manager, we offer one point of contact, one source of data, and a more cost effective solution.

What We Believe

  • We believe businesses are vastly underserved by the insurance community.
  • We believe insurance is often unnecessarily confusing & painful to purchase.
  • We believe customers are rightfully expecting a higher level of service in today’s cloud-connected world, yet the insurance industry has lagged behind in delivering.
  • We believe businesses often buy insurance instead of managing their exposure to loss, resulting in unmanaged claims.
  • We believe in radical transparency.
  • We believe in always putting the customer first.