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Working on a Wrap Project: You’re Not As Protected As You Think

I work with high risk businesses every day, and sometimes, when I think I’ve seen it all, something new comes around to surprise me. Many large construction projects will use a “Wrap” or an “OCIP/CCIP” (For more info on what this is, click here) for coverage. When many contractors get enrolled in these Wrap Programs, […]

Important Updates to Your Experience Mod

The NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance), is a group that calculates Experience Modification Factors for companies across the entire United States. Some states have their own rating bureaus due to their size and complexity. For example, New York and New Jersey have the NYCIRB & NJCRIB respectively. For detailed explanation on what your Experience Modification Factor is […]

Essential Keys to Transform Your Goals into Achievements

Do you ever wonder how successful people consistently achieve their goals? Have you unlocked why you achieve certain goals while others fall short? Do you want to transform goals to achievements? Many companies start the new year with new goals and aspirations, some of the most common being: Reduce Costs Retain Clients Increase Profits Improve Employee […]