How Much Coverage Do You Need While On Vacation Around The World?

Going on vacation is a great way to relieve the stress and take your mind off of the day to day concerns and worries. New Yorkers love to travel to various destinations around the world for their vacations. New Yorkers tend to be savvy regarding liability insurance in New York too. However, liability coverage while on vacation may not always be given the appropriate consideration.

While on vacation, will you be renting a boat or wave runner? What insurance exposures should you consider? Do you need to purchase the insurance you are being offered at the counter, or are you already covered? Do you have enough coverage in case someone is hurt on the water?
What if you are renting a car in a foreign country?  What options do you have or should you consider? Does your New York insurance policy offer you protection while vacationing abroad? What deductible do you have? What is not covered?

Are you a rock climber, hiker or biker? Will your belongings, such as expensive cameras, bikes and gear be covered?


Whether you have an active family, or you are an individual adventure seeker going on vacation, you should call your local agent to discuss property and liability insurance in New York and find out how well you are covered while on vacation around the world. Do it soon – before you embark on your trip.