General Liability

Our firm excels at the placing of commercial general liability insurance. Commercial general liability presents tremendous opportunity for best-in-class companies to recapture lost expense dollars. This will dramatically improve the performance of their business liability insurance account, which can also mean reduced costs on insurance coverage.

These best-in-class companies (our clients) understand there is a direct correlation between the premiums charged on commercial general liability contingent on the Loss Performance and the Claims History of the account. By partnering with Metropolitan Risk, our clients benefit by lowering their insurance costs as well as lowering overall expenses. We focus on the loss performance of the account, which drives both the premium and expenses incurred by your company, enabling you to more aggressively compete in your markets.

Contact one our Risk Advisors today to schedule a quick consultation to assess how much of your premium and expense dollars we can re-capture. You can also receive a free online quote for commercial general liability.

Most Insurance Agencies:

  • Re-Active NOT Pro-Active
  • Simply transact the purchase of insurance.
  • Report claims ; don’t assist in managing your claims which is the largest cost driver.
  • Provide “quotations” days before the renewals.
  • Provide little to no resources to help drive down your costs.

Call a Risk Advisor Today at (914) 488-4164 !

  • Take YOUR claims history and results and present them to the marketplace through the application process.

  • At the end of the application process, the Agent or Broker returns with the cheapest quotation for New York General Liability Insurance offered by the marketplace, which is purchased by the AVERAGE company.

  • Issue Certificates and sits back, watches, and waits to see how your account performs over the next 12 months. They then take the results and begin the process all over.

The Metropolitan Risk Difference:

  • We analyze your claims history using our proprietary trend analysis software and review your company’s financials to determine what your true cost of risk is.
  • We will pinpoint several areas within your organization where opportunity exists to recapture lost dollars. We can also lower future expense costs letting you allocate those dollars in a more productive capacity, ultimately leading to a positive net return. Our focus here is to identify Net Income Loss and your Total Cost of Risk.
  • Develop a strategic, SIMPLE plan to improve the performance of the account by applying our unique profit tools. This will alleviate the friction points in your organization that are causing you a Net Income Loss, High TOTAL COST OF RISK expense, and ultimately degrading the performance of your account.
  • Share our strategy with select insurance carriers that Metropolitan Risk has partnered with that understand and trust our firm to improve the performance of these accounts.
  • Return with insurance quotations, a strategy, and deployment schedule going forward along with account goals. We then set the expectation for account performance.
  • Upon the next renewal term, we should have a great story to tell the insurance marketplace, resulting in lower insurance costs and more importantly, lower total cost of risk.