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With severe Federal & State Budget cut backs, every expense dollar is critical. With Metropolitan Risk’s Profit Tools, we help Non-Profits recapture critical dollars by focusing on reducing your overall cost structure not just the line item of insurance. Every dollar we save can go to a person or family in need, and we feel really good about that which is why we are passionate about lowering your costs, putting others first

At Metropolitan Risk, we offer customizable coverage packages to a variety of Non-Profits and Residential Care Facilities, some which include:

    • Residential Alcoholism Rehabilitation Centers
    • Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centers
    • Residential Rehabilitation Centers with Health Care Incidental
    • Boys’ Towns
    • Children’s Boarding Homes
    • Children’s Villages
    • Group Foster Homes
    • Half-way Homes for Persons with Social or Personal Problems
    • Half-way Homes for Delinquents or Offenders
    • Homes for Children with Health Care Incidental
    • Homes for the Deaf or Blind with Health Care Incidental
    • Homes for the Emotionally Disturbed with Health Care Incidental
    • Homes for the Mentally Handicapped with Health Care Incidental
    • Homes for the Physically Handicapped with Health Care Incidental
    • Juvenile Corrections Homes
    • Old Soldiers’ Homes
    • Orphanages
    • Rest Homes with Health Care Incidental
    • Self-Help Group Homes for Persons with Social or Personal Problems
    • Training Schools for Delinquents
    • And More…

At Metropolitan Risk, we have designed a comprehensive insurance package, combined with our unique Profit Tools, which help position your facility to achieve the lowest cost structure possible. We encourage clients to utilize simple risk management procedures to help improve the direct and indirect costs of the facility, driving down insurance costs, helping others first.

Here at Metropolitan Risk we can help you to design an exclusive business insurance package that covers you against a wide spectrum of risk exposures, including:

      • Professional Liability Coverage – Insures your nurses, social workers, counselors and others you employ against liability claims stemming from professional services they provide or fail to provide. Also includes vicarious liability coverage for your contracted physicians and all your psychiatrists.
      • Abuse & Molestation Coverage – Liability coverage for allegations of client abuse or allegations of improper supervision of clients that leads to abuse.
      • Loss of Income & Business Interruption Coverage – Protects you in the event that your business is disrupted due to workplace violence.

And at Metropolitan Risk we certainly don’t stop there. We have extended our insurance and risk management knowledge even further by offering extended endorsements through our Others Firstprogram, that contain a host of other key coverages, such as:

  • Protection Against Damages to Property of Home Care Providers
  • Emergency Vacating Expenses
  • Mobile Medical Equipment While Away from Premises
  • Crisis Management Expenses
  • Kidnapping Expenses
  • Pledged Donation Expenses
  • And More…

Our years of dedication and intensive experience managing Non-Profit and Residential Care Facility risks truly make as an expert in this field. So give us a call to learn more about our effective Business Insurance Packages; one of our dedicated independent agents would be happy to serve you. Discover your options today; contact Metropolitan Risk now!

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