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I am rarely in the office.  95% of what I do is from my smart phone.  I input all of this information from my phone.  It is very easy to use and the photo I sent was uploaded from a text.   This is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and compile data.  Great system

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Manage Your Risk Anywhere – With the Tap of a Finger

Our Risk Management System Goes Where Your Employees Go

One of the biggest challenges companies face is that they have no enterprise wide risk management system or  database to collect all of the critical little data points they need to make their information actionable. They frustratingly work off spreadsheets at best , or an annual/ quarterly review of loss runs at worst which yields very little insight, leading to an outcome not a result.

Our mobile app is the front end of our state of the art risk management system aptly named O.O.D.A. Risk. Our mobile app is your pocket sized risk management system that allows you to accomplish all of the features below and more. 

The Ultimate Value Proposition

Quickly, efficiently collect critical data at the time of loss or potential loss that becomes instantly actionable and stored for future harvesting and safety analytics.

Our Mobile App allows you to collect more information at less cost to your organization than your present claims reporting procedures.

By collecting more data quickly, making it actionable for all stakeholders, your company will significantly drive down your average claim settlement as you will build a more robust defense for your claims adjusters ultimately lowering settlement costs.

Track Incidents, NOT just claims

The old adage is that “frequency leads to severity.” We maintain that frequency is not adequately tracked, by the time you get a read it’s too late. Every single little incident needs to be tracked to identify risky behaviors, employees, workflows, and/or means and methods. The larger the dataset the more accurate the read, which is why we coach our clients to record all potential “incidents” or “near misses” so we can coach to improve, and build in accountability.

The real challenge becomes how to we collect the information simply and efficiently, which is why most companies don’t do a solid job here. Our mobile app allows your employees to report into our database not just near miss incidents, but also work site hazards that need immediate attention. How much would it cost your company to accomplish this with a paper form?

Reporting An Injury Has Never Been Simpler

One of the keys to lowering your risk is rapidly reporting your claims as they occur. It’s a fact the longer it takes for a claim to get into the system the higher the average payout for the same claim. This is referred to as lag time reporting. The difference measured in days from date of incident to date it get’s into our system. Once the claim hits, it instantly becomes actionable as smart companies understand the value of aggressive claims handling.

Our mobile app allows your employees to report the incident right away with pertinent, actionable details. Once they hit the submit button, your team and our team are notified and they spring into action. This cuts down lag time reporting to minutes instead of days. Think of how much that could reduce your ultimate claim payments.  

Add Witnesses and Media

The more information our claims advocates have, the better as we begin to build your defense file. Time is a toxic contaminant, ultimately driving your claim payout by the carrier significantly as the critical information we could use to defend you in a comp hearing or liability case diminishes significantly after only a very short period of time.

With the MetroRisk Mobile App you can capture realtime data with ease and attach it directly into our O.O.D.A. Risk database. Add witness data, include cell phone number, and name. You can even add multimedia such as photos of the accident, video, and even recordings of the witness statements for future use which may be critical if it’s a significant event.

Emergency Care Locator

Too many companies send their injured employees to the emergency room and pay top dollar for suspect care. Our mobile app offers real time GPS and maps showing the nearest occupational medical center to your immediate location.

Medical Locator App

24/7 Claims Hotline

The key to the mobile app is NOT the mobile app itself, but the power of efficiently collecting information, quickly dispersing it so it becomes instantly actionable. Furthermore, we want to harvest all of that information for future analytics as it relates to safety performance. If the mobile app is not working, we provide a 24/7 claims hotline staffed with a live advocate.

When you call the hotline, you will talk to a real, live representative who will then record the incident directly into our O.O.D.A. Risk system so all stakeholders are made aware and the issue becomes immediately actionable and recorded for future reference and analytics.

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