Sexual Harassment

What Are The Employer Posting Requirements for NY State

A frequent question we get from NY State employers are what are the employer posting requirements for NY State. It’s important to update your employer postings, especially since the New York State Department of Labor is requiring a poster placed in a high trafficked area explaining and giving direction on your Sexual Harassment policy. For more information on the new Sexual Harassment policy for both New York City & New York State CLICK HERE.

Since we are updating our poster requirements here is the latest and greatest if you are a company located in New York State or have an office/employees employed in NY State. These are both the NY State & Federal posting requirements contingent on your industry. This posting is as of 10/5/2018.Sexual Harassment

New York Posting Requirements as of 10/5/2018 :

New York employers should display the following state posters in the workplace, in addition to the required federal posters:

New York State Department of Labor
Registration Subsection
State Office Building Campus
Albany, NY 12240-0339
Phone: (518) 485-8589
Fax: (518) 485-8010

These posters, as well as those required under federal law, are available for download from the New York Department of Labor.

Additional Posting Requirements

Child Labor Laws

Employers must make a schedule for all minors employed by the employer and post it in a conspicuous place. The schedule sets forth the hours minors start and end work and time allotted for meals. The hours of work can be changed, as long as the changes are posted on the schedule. Minors may work only on the days and at the times posted on the schedule. If minors are present at other times or if no schedule is posted, it is a violation of the Child Labor Law.

Public Works/Prevailing Wage Rates

The current Prevailing Rate Schedule notice must be:

  • Posted in a prominent and accessible place on the site of the public work project.
  • Encased in, or constructed of, materials capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions.
  • Titled “PREVAILING RATE OF WAGES” in letters no smaller than 2 x 2 inches.

Local Jurisdictions

Important: Local jurisdictions in New York may have additional posting requirements. Employers should contact their particular local jurisdiction for specifics.

Some commonly requested posters for New York City employers include: