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errors & omissions insuranceFor those that have been putting off getting New York Errors & Omissions Insurance …

If you have a business in the greater Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan & Staten Island area then we don’t need to tell you that protecting your company from risk exposures is a full-time job. While you may have a range of commercial and liability policies in place, you may be leaving your company exposed to potentially ruinous lawsuits in the most mundane of places – your own office.

Errors & Omissions are mistakes made by professionals that inflict financial harm to other companies, clients, or employees. Typically, these professionals have included lawyers, brokers, architects, and accountants – but everyone on your staff, from the clerk to the customer service rep to your financial officer could be liable.

Metropolitan Risk can design an errors & omissions insurance policy to be included in a broader business package or as a stand-alone policy.

Feel free to speak to any of our knowledgeable agents today to learn more about the terms, restrictions, and costs of NY Errors & Omissions Insurance.

Contact us today.

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