Accident Response Team A.R.T.

You get the dreaded phone call, your company vehicle has been involved in a serious accident.
What you do in the next several hours can have serious implications for your company. That’s why we built our Metropolitan Risk A.R.T. (Accident Response Team).
When that call comes in it’s the time to take immediate action. We deploy investigators and experts to collect evidence, gather important information, talk to witnesses, and provide legal counsel to your company and driver. Having the right support on the scene can mean the difference between a successful resolution and a significant loss.
Our teamconsists of experienced transportation attorneys, consultants, field adjusters, investigators, & public relations people. Our team is available for you 24/7 through our claims hotline and ready to dispatch anywhere in the tri-state area.
Our emergency response attorneys can immediately develop an investigation that takes our client’s interests first by preserving and collecting information that may have major impacts during the litigation that follows.
By being proactive and doing the accident investigation upfront, you may be able to save both you and your insurance carrier hundreds of thousands of dollars. This will result in lower insurance renewal rates as your claims experience should be significantly lower than companies who do not have this process in place. Further you may be eligible for up front credits from your Commercial Auto Insurance Carrier as both client and insurance carrier share the benefit of better experience.

The Metropolitan Risk A.R.T. Approach:

  • Dispatch the team from our attorneys to protect evidence gathered under attorney client privilege
  • Make sure the appropriate facility is located for proper drug and alcohol testing
  • Interview the driver
  • Control the site
  • Secure evidence from the driver, witnesses, the vehicles, and the site
  • Take pictures, videos, and or deploy our professional Accident Reconstruction personnel
  • Field compliance with all applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ( “FMCSA”) and the Department of Transportation (“DOT”) rules and regulations
  • Work with law enforcement

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