What We Do

We use innovate techniques to help businesses improve safety, reduce risk, reduce losses and as a result their insurance premiums. In fewer words, we help you turn insurance in to a competitive edge.

Manage Your Total Cost of Risk! (TCOR)

Why stress over TRYING to save a few points on the line item of insurance when you can focus on managing your TOTAL cost of risk.

Demo Our Risk Management System!

Which consolidates all your claims, risk, and insurance data across your vendors so you can gain valuable insights and make informed business decisions.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some great companies:

“We originally met with Metropolitan Risk because our workers comp costs had significantly increased. They told us we needed to proactively manage our risk and claims, and we agreed. We were confident they could help us accomplish our goals but honestly didn’t expect the ROI we received so soon. Our experience mod has decreased twice since we engaged. We are now working with them on improving other areas of our business and are much more confident in our systems and processes surrounding the managing of our risk & insurance. We are thrilled to have such a knowledgeable partner, and will never go back to our old ways again.”

Greg SchaeferCFO - Better Home HealthcareBetterHomeCare.com

“I was skeptical that Metro Risk would be able to accomplish all the things they originally outlined at our first meeting. But our experience mod was high and our safety policies needed help. Rebar decided to trust their process.  They have far outperformed all of our expectations. The Metro Risk staff has the most complete insurance and risk expertise I have come across in the 25 years I have been in business.  They have opened my eyes to the damage you can do to your company due to lack of knowledge in the insurance field. Met Risk has exceeded our expectations.”

Teresa SmithOwner - Rebar Steel CorpRebarSteelCorp.com