• Why Hire Metropolitan Risk?

Small to mid-size businesses often spend five, ten, even twenty percent of their revenue on insurance. That is a significant chunk of their budget, meaning one unexpected loss, or even a slight increase in costs can make it difficult to compete. Businesses that hire Metropolitan Risk get to spend more of their money, time, and energy on things that actually provide a return on their investment whether it be R&D, customer satisfaction, marketing, or employee benefits. By managing their risk effectively and efficiently, we provide them a competitive edge in their industry.

Radical Transparency

Commercial insurance can be painful and confusing. Most of our clients became tired of the “black box” that is insurance and wanted to see more of the insurance buying process. At Metropolitan Risk, we introduce true transparency. Your firm will no longer wonder what you are paying for and why. You will know at any point in the year how your performance stacks up, and will get access to our proprietary risk management system where you can see 24/7 what your team and ours is doing, holding everyone accountable.

More Than Just Insurance - Risk Management

Chances are your competitors sole interaction with their broker is to shop for lower quotes. They are vastly overestimating the broker’s ability to influence that number. Our clients come to the realization that the quote can be influenced most by risk management. Insurance is a blanket term, most people don’t know that insurance is just a way to finance risk. With Metropolitan Risk at your side, you’ll have access to a knowledgable, experienced team of risk advisors that specialize in your industry.

Broker + Consultant

You’re already paying a broker, it’s time to leverage that. You can often get our services at no additional cost! It’s rare to find that kind of value! At Metropolitan Risk, we wear two hats for one fee. We are your insurance broker and your risk consultant. Instead of splitting the data, time, and resources between multiple brokers and consultants, you have one simple data point – us! All wrapped up in an easily digestible, online system that you can check up on 24/7. We will condense data from all your current and past carriers. No more outdated excel spreadsheets and email chains.

Full Control

Our clients used to detest the fact that they had no idea when their renewal comes in. They shop their insurance as an attempt to exert control, as it is the only part of the entire process they feel they can affect. When they get their quotes two days before the renewal and the price has increased by thirty percent, they feel like they are getting ripped off. Metropolitan Risk shows them how to focus their energies where they can get a return and, ultimately, get control back.

Cost vs. Price

Contrary to popular belief, insurance is about cost, not price. Most companies have the all-too-common goal of lowering costs. However, they go about it in exactly the wrong way. Our model is built on strategically lowering costs over time, which is the only real way to create lasting impact. We do this by getting down to the root of the cost: claims management, administrative inefficiency, bad resources, and wrong information.  

They Hated Insurance

Our clients hated dealing with insurance, it was an absolute pain for them. What they really want to do is focus on growing their business and taking care of their customers and staff. They want to spend as little bandwidth as possible on insurance. By leveraging our systems and staff, they can achieve a far better outcome with less effort. Now, not only do they have a competitive edge with insurance costs, they can now also grow the parts of their business they actually enjoy. 

Real Results Without Resources

Most companies want the results (lower costs) but don’t have enough resources dedicated to insurance related activities. They have one or several folks dedicated to the issue, part time, with no systems, no training, no benchmarks, and no data. Yet, the expectation is that they will get consistent results. By using our smart, goal-oriented O.O.D.A. Risk system they don’t have to spend a quarter million dollars for a Risk Management department.

Claims Organization

Most companies have insurance management delegated to someone who has little knowledge or experience. The large amount of information they need and the small amount of information they have is scattered at best. It seems too daunting, too costly, and too time consuming for them to change and organize properly, so it never happens. The only way to succeed here is to make your data executable. Metropolitan Risk simplifies and streamlines the entire process, freeing up your staff for the more important issues.


They want someone who will keep them on their toes when it comes to safety, and they know we will hold them accountable. We truly want to protect both our client’s balance sheet, and their employees. We educate management down to the front line employees on the importance of safety, creating a more engaged workforce.

Let’s Start With a Free Cost Analysis

Just submit the information below and we’ll get started analyzing how your insurance and risk management program stacks up versus your competition, in addition to a breakdown of cost savings we feel we could retain for you.

More Perks of Working With Metropolitan Risk


Don’t have a human resource department? No sweat. Metropolitan Risk has you covered. Our smart, intuitive partnership with ThinkHR gives your company all the benefits of a Human Resources department without the hassle and costs of actually employing one.

Emergency Response Team

What you do immediately after an accident can have serious cost implications for your company. That’s why we deploy investigators and experts to collect evidence, talk to witnesses, and provide legal counsel to your company and/or driver. Having the right support on the scene can mean the difference between a successful resolution and a significant loss.

Fleet Safety Management

Our program combines decades of experience and today’s best technology into one highly effective enterprise solution for fleet safety management. Often overlooked tools such as pre-hire screening, on-the-road camera monitoring, and corrective training are all put to effective use in controlling your claims costs.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

“We could have purchased insurance for our projects at a number of brokerages. We engaged Metropolitan Risk because they had a turn key solution for two of the largest cost drivers in our construction business. By helping us formally manage our subs insurance with their Risk Rocket program AND helping us manage our employee injuries with their Comp Care program our construction firm has saved blood and treasure. This allows us to focus on what we do best which is develop and build. A heartfelt thanks to the Met Risk Team.”

Kevin O’SullivanOwner - Time Square ConstructionTimeSquareConstruction.com

“We were so lucky that all of our insurance moved to Metropolitan Risk before Sandy hit. Their claims team was literally on site within hours, taking us through each and every step—like a member of the family. At that awful time, when we felt so vulnerable, it helped tremendously to know that we had Mike in our corner. It sounds corny, but he really cared.

We had no idea how much better protected we were until the checks came through (at breakneck speed) and realized it was twice what we would have gotten from the previous coverage. They knew what we needed better than we did. You cannot go wrong with the folks at Met Risk.”

Jim Parker & Mary Beth DooleyProprieters - Red Hat on the RiverRedHatBistro.com

“I met with Metropolitan Risk because I knew I had challenges inside my business and was having trouble finding an effective way to solve them. Our safety procedures were incomplete and inconsistent which showed up in our claims and as a result our experience mod. It increased our costs to the point where it was impossible to ignore. After meeting with Alex and the Met Risk team, it was clear my business could benefit from their expertise. I was optimistic that together we would be able to accomplish all the goals we originally outlined, but didn’t think that we could accomplish so much, so soon. Being in business nearly 30 years, it just seemed too good to be true. Well, in this case it definitely wasn’t. I’m thrilled with the decision we made to hire them. It’s a decision that has paid for itself 3-4 times over already.”

Glenn GriffinOwner - Griffin’s LandscapingGriffinsLandscaping.com

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