We understand that every dollar saved by your facility can make a difference in a child’s life!

That’s why have created a specialized program for the child-care industry. It’s our hope the nursery schools, day cares, & pre-schools that use our program, which should result in less insurance premium, put those savings back into the children as you see fit. Pay the insurance company less so your children, your teachers, and your facilities benefit.

Whether you are looking for day care insurance, nursery school insurance, or preschool insurance, we are here to offer the best combination of insurance protection for the lowest possible cost, bringing tremendous value to your school or child care establishment.

Our Child Care-specific insurance products ensure a safe, secure, and protected environment for your staff and your children. We can include:

  • Professional Liability Coverage – insures your employees against liability claims stemming from professional services they provide or fail to provide.
  • Abuse & Molestation Coverage – guards against liability stemming from allegations of child abuse or allegations of improper supervision of children that may lead to abuse.
  • Commercial General Liability Coverage
  • Commercial Property Coverage
  • Workers Compensation Coverage
  • And more…

We offer many perks and benefits for our clients such as:

  • Kid Nap Expenses – $50,000 limit
  • Directors & Officers Identity Theft – $25,000 limit
  • Workplace Violence Counseling Expense – $30,000 limit
  • Flood Coverage – Automatic $30,000 limit

Furthermore, we take it yet another step further:

  • “Keep the Children Safe” discounts for running background checks, employment checks, credit reports, etc. to help reduce your exposure to workplace violence, fraud and lawsuits related to negligent hiring practices.
  • Easily tailored payment plans that accommodate your check book!

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Child Care Insurance Testimonials

“Met Risk addressed key issues relating to our facility, staff, and board of directors, which were concerns with our previous program. We feel our operations are in a safer place as Met Risk has demonstrated their extensive knowledge and resource base, relating to child care”

Norma BrockmanDirector - Red Balloon Learning CenterRedBalloonLearningCenter.org

“Michael Stoop and his talented team at Metropolitan Risk have been so helpful to us at Student Advocacy. It’s nice to see him sharing his expertise far and wide. Thank you, Met Risk!”

Martha JordanAssistant Director - Student AdvocacyStudentAdvocacy.net