What’s Included?

The Best Insurance Rates For Private Ambulance & Ambulette. Period.

We understand the downward pressure medicare and medicaid reimbursements are having on the ambulance and ambulette industry. One of your most vexing challenges in the medical transport business is maintaining profit margins in a constantly lower reimbursement environment. That is why the private ambulance and ambulette  companies are looking to us to reduce one of the largest expense components on their profit and loss statements; insurance. 

Our clients understand the amount ambulance and ambulette companies spend on their workers compensation and commercial auto insurance is a function of how well they prevent and manage their claims. That’s why they engage with a Risk Advisor. Utilizing some of the tools and resources below allow us to reduce your claims experience and in turn your insurance costs.

IF your a For Profit Medical Transport Company utilizing ambulance and ambulettes we strongly suggest you schedule a 5 minute call with a Risk Advisor by calling (914) 488-4164.

Your Own O.O.D.A Risk Management System

High insurance costs are ultimately a symptom of your past losses. That’s why we built our proprietary O.O.D.A Risk Management System which allows you to easily manage your risk management program. Our web-based design offers handy tables and charts, frequently updated claims, and policy data. We give you access to all kinds of claim criteria like causation, location, and even body part. We also tell you how your claims directly affect your costs.

With this system, you won’t need to wait until renewal to know where your costs are heading. You will have real time access to reports such as your loss pic and loss ratios, and all risk related activity. You can collaborate with both your team and ours directly inside the system. One source of data so we can all work toward the same goal, lowering your risk. Contact us for a free demo.


Cloud Based, 24/7 Human Resources Team

We have partnered with ThinkHR to provide you with a powerful tool to make quick, accurate and intelligent Human Resources decisions. Businesses across the country are calling it the best HR resource they’ve ever used.

ThinkHR doesn’t make you talk to a machine. Instead, you get access to real live HR professionals. If you don’t have a Human Resources department, now you do! If you have one, make their lives easier, with ThinkHR.

Annual Checkup & Coaching Calls

We think that lasting success stems from accountability – from trust. With our annual check-up, and regular coaching calls, our staff ensures that we’re on top of your account. This check up often includes:

  • Loss History Evaluation
  • Mod Analysis
  • Audit Verification (Audits frequently have errors, the ones we find could mean a check in the mail for you)
  • Insurance Marketing Strategy
  • Important Claims Updates

Coming Soon to iOS & Android: A Mobile App to Manage Your Risk

Timing after an accidental is critical…and the hours immediately following the accident can affect your risk tremendously. Our new mobile app will help you and your employees manage your risk quickly and efficiently.

Our mobile application will offer your supervisors & employees the most convenient way to report safety incidents, hazards, and claims to management. You can also call our 24/7 Claims Hotline.


(Premium) Popular Solutions For Ambulance & Ambulette Companies Biggest Risks:

Fleet Safety Management

We have the ability to bring you best in class fleet safety technology at a cost effective price. This could include:

Video in every vehicle – Patented vehicle data and video event recording technology, combined with a comprehensive driving performance program. Helps protect drivers on the road, and improve results for fleets everywhere.

Telematics – helps you turn comprehensive data on engine diagnostics, speeding, harsh braking and more into timely corrective action.

Web-based MVR monitoring –  ensures that you know when a driver receives a new violation (daily, weekly or monthly depending on state).

Decal Based Monitoring – Our vendor’s pioneering decal-based driver monitoring has delivered exceptional ROI for more than 20 years — and it’s even more valuable as a complementary component.

Plus – Cell Phone Monitoring, Training, & Coaching


COMP CARE sets the standard in workers’ compensation insurance  cost containment, which is a common issue for owners of both for profit ambulance and ambulette companies. The program focuses on helping you preventing injuries from happening in the first place, instilling a 48 hour for when an injury does occur, and managing the workers compensation claims with the goal of getting the employee back to work as soon as possible. For more information on COMP CARE click here.

To get in touch with one of our Risk Advisors, fill out the form below or give us a call at

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Ambulance & Ambulette Testimonial

“We originally met with Metropolitan Risk because our workers comp costs had significantly increased. They told us we needed to proactively manage our risk and claims, and we agreed. We were confident they could help us accomplish our goals but honestly didn’t expect the ROI we received so soon. Our experience mod has decreased twice since we engaged. We are now working with them on improving other areas of our business and are much more confident in our systems and processes surrounding the managing of our risk & insurance. We are thrilled to have such a knowledgeable partner, and will never go back to our old ways again.”

Greg SchaeferCFO - Better Home HealthcareBetterHomeCare.com