• Reduce the Cost of Employee Injuries


Are workers compensation claims killing your profits? Is your experience mod above 1.0 and rising? Don’t worry, Comp Care Lite can help! Comp Care Lite is the only program of its kind and it is growing FAST (scroll down to see some of our satisfied clients). For many companies in high risk industries, workers’ comp is a HUGE pain point. Costs often escalate very quickly, and business owners often don’t have anywhere to turn for quality answers. Due to this, we’ve seen companies overpay by hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year! No exaggeration!

Comp Care Lite was built to help small companies contain their workers compensation costs, ultimately achieving cost efficiency & consistency.

When you schedule a consultation, you can easily do this by clicking the button to the right, we start our potential engagement. By doing a free analysis of the money that is out there for you, we find out if you are a good fit. We are not in the business of taking on clients who won’t find value in working with us. It’s not good for business!

If we decide to work together, we begin with an assessment of your current program. We benchmark ALL your current costs (direct & indirect) and strategy, analyzing where you are strong and where you are weak. We will issue you a Comp Care Lite blueprint and train you, your supervisors, and even your employees on best practice protocols.

Meanwhile, our Claims Advocates dive in on all of your open claims seeking opportunities to improve outcomes and reduce your reserves as this is essential to a lower experience mod. We don’t make false promises. It’s going to take time, effort, and a commitment to doing things the right way. Workers comp is ultimately about good company culture, after all. But after one to two years, your efforts will pay off and your ROI should be substantial. In fact, we’ve never had a client sign on to Comp Care who didn’t get a return on their investment after two years. Add on premium recovery (Comp Check), and credits you are likely missing, and you will end up with a lower cost structure. a competitive advantage over your peers, and peace of mind knowing you invested in the safety of your company and your employees.


When you sign with us, we take your goals, and come up with a customized strategy to achieve them. A couple key leaders in your organization will take our Comp Care Lite assessment so we can get an idea of what you currently do well. We then match that with best practices to come up with a blueprint for your first year in the program. By selecting items that will have the quickest and biggest impact on your costs, we can ensure a successful first year. These items go in to your customer portal so we can hold everyone accountable (both in our firm and yours). We also benchmark all your direct costs (premiums) and indirect costs (deductibles, etc.,) to make sure we are truly improving your costs, and if not, we will find out why not.



  • A customized safety plan & manual
  • OSHA compliance process
  • On-site loss control inspections to look for opportunities to decrease preventable incidents
  • Driver safety program available
  • Return to work programs to decrease the cost of a claim
  • Supervisor training
  • An accountability system in our risk management portal that measures both leading indicators (e.g., safety program activities & loss control visits) and lagging indicators (e.g., number, cost, & cause of claims) for each of your locations.


Having protocols for the day an injury occurs is essential to cost containment. First and foremost the priority is taking care of the employee. Whether that’s through an occupational medical center, nurse triage, etc. After that, it’s about gathering necessary evidence and witness statements, then finally getting everything reported in a timely manner.


Metropolitan Risk Advisory has partnered with ThinkHR to provide you with a powerful and effective way to make quick, accurate and intelligent decisions when it comes to urgent HR situations. Now you can experience what businesses across the country are calling the best HR resource they’ve ever used, including advice and guidance from real live HR professionals.

Click on ThinkHR’s logo, located to the right, to find out exactly how this great service will complement your current needs.


For companies with many projects or locations it can be a daunting task trying to keep track of all your policies and claims, let alone which locations are having too many back injuries, which are having too many slip & falls, etc. When you use our system, that is all automated. Simply log in 24/7 and see a summary of all your claims data throughout the years. We can break down your claims based on many types of criteria, even by location of injury (body part). This allows you to take insightful steps towards improving your safety and costs.

To measure is to know.


When you sign with us, we will curate a custom set of tools for you that will take your risk management to the next level. For example, Metropolitan Risk can design a completely unique safety handbook for your employees and managers to go by. Risk management starts with modifying behaviors in accordance with the goals you set when we lay out your personal blueprint (see Loss Prevent above).

Coming Soon for iOS and Android – A NEW WAY TO MANAGE RISK

Our new mobile application will offer you the fastest and most convenient way to report claims. The app can rapidly locate medical facilities, report injuries, report property damage, report auto accidents, and even report safety hazards.

Remember, how quickly you report an injury is directly correlated with cost.


Metropolitan Risk ensures lasting success. With our yearly check-up, our dedicated staff makes sure that we’re on top of your account. This check up includes:

  • Loss History Evaluation
  • Mod Analysis
  • Audit Verification (Audits frequently have errors, the ones we find could mean a check in the mail for you)
  • Lowering premiums

With Comp Care Lite you get this fantastic feature, along with all of the ones listed above.

7 Reasons Why O.O.D.A Risk Lowers Insurance Costs

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What’s it cost?

Pricing for the program is contingent on scope of work, complexity, number of open claims, # of employees and locations.

Do you have to be our broker? For Comp? For Everything?

No. While we can take over your entire insurance program, or just a piece of it, we do not have to if it doesn’t make sense. We have many clients we just do risk management for.

Will Comp Care help us get out of the State Fund, or Assigned Risk?

Absolutely. That is one of its goals.

Comp Care Lite Testimonials

“We could have purchased insurance for our projects at a number of brokerages. We engaged Metropolitan Risk because they had a turn key solution for two of the largest cost drivers in our construction business. By helping us formally manage our subs insurance with their Risk Rocket program AND helping us manage our employee injuries with their Comp Care program our construction firm has saved blood and treasure. This allows us to focus on what we do best which is develop and build. A heartfelt thanks to the Met Risk Team.”

Kevin O’SullivanOwner - Times Square ConstructionTimeSquareConstruction.com

“I met with Metropolitan Risk because I knew I had challenges inside my business and was having trouble finding an effective way to solve them. Our safety procedures were incomplete and inconsistent which showed up in our claims and as a result our experience mod. It increased our costs to the point where it was impossible to ignore. After meeting with Alex and the Met Risk team, it was clear my business could benefit from their expertise. I was optimistic that together we would be able to accomplish all the goals we originally outlined, but didn’t think that we could accomplish so much, so soon. Being in business nearly 30 years, it just seemed too good to be true. Well, in this case it definitely wasn’t. I’m thrilled with the decision we made to hire them. It’s a decision that has paid for itself 3-4 times over already.”

Glenn GriffinOwner - Griffin’s LandscapingGriffinsLandscaping.com

“I was skeptical that Met Risk would be able to accomplish all the things they originally outlined at our first meeting. But our experience mod was high and our safety policies needed help. Rebar decided to trust their process. They have far outperformed all of our expectations. The Met Risk staff has the most complete insurance and risk expertise I have come across in the 25 years I have been in business. They have opened my eyes to the damage you can do to your company due to lack of knowledge in the insurance field. Met Risk has exceeded our expectations.”

Teresa SmithOwner - Rebar Steel CorpRebarSteelCorp.com