What’s Included?

Home Health Care Insurance for Agency Providers

With reimbursements being cut continuously it’s imperative for Home Health Care Agencies to keep an eye on costs to protect their margins. That’s why some of the top Home Health Care Provider Agencies choose Metropolitan Risk to design and manage their Home Health Care Insurance program.

Our Home Health Care Insurance program focus is on workers compensation insurance for home healthcare providers as this is usually their largest cost driver within their insurance program. That’s why we build in our COMP CARE program for our  Home Health Care Workers Compensation Insurance. Our clients understand the premiums they pay on workers comp insurance are a function of how well they prevent and manage workers compensation claims by their health care providers.

Your Own O.O.D.A. Risk Management System

High insurance costs are ultimately a symptom of your past losses. That’s why we built our proprietary O.O.D.A. Risk Management System which allows you to easily manage your risk management program. Our web-based design offers handy tables and charts, frequently updated claims, and policy data. We give you access to all kinds of claim criteria like causation, location, and even body part. We also tell you how your claims directly affect your costs.

With this system, you won’t need to wait until renewal to know where your costs are heading. You will have real time access to reports such as your loss pic and loss ratios, and all risk related activity. You can collaborate with both your team and ours directly inside the system. One source of data so we can all work toward the same goal, lowering your risk. Contact us for a free demo.

Home Health Care Insurance O.O.D.A. Risk Platform

Cloud Based, 24/7 Human Resources Team Included In Your Home Healthcare Insurance Program

We have partnered with ThinkHR to provide our Home Health Care Insurance customers with a powerful tool to make quick, accurate and intelligent Human Resources decisions. We believe fundamentally that many challenges  organizations experience within their Home Health Care workers compensation insurance programs really start at the front end of the employee on-boarding process.

Many of our  organizations use our THINK HR tool to build a tight on-boarding training process where employees must take required safety classes. Once completed the employee receive a certificate of completion which rewards them and the Home Health Care Agency organization . Further contingent on how you deliver the training many of our THINK HR Training classes can be used to comply with state mandate continuing education and certification requirements.   Businesses across the country are calling it the best HR resource they’ve ever used.

ThinkHR doesn’t make you talk to a machine. Instead, you get access to real live HR professionals. If you don’t have a Human Resources department, now you do! If you have one, make their lives easier, with ThinkHR.

Annual Checkup & Coaching Calls Included In Our Home Healthcare Insurance Programs

We think that lasting success stems from accountability – from trust. With our annual check-up, and regular coaching calls, our staff ensures that we’re on top of your Home Health Care Agency. This check up often includes:

      • Loss History Evaluation & Trend Analysis: Purpose is to proactively address hot spots in your Agency. 
      • Experience Modification Factor  Analysis – This factor drives a lot of costs inside your Home Health Care Workers Comp Insurance program.
      • Audit Verification (Audits frequently have errors, the ones we find could mean a check in the mail for you)
      • Home Health Care Insurance Placement Strategy: We are in the marketplace every day for your Home Health Care Agency and know who has the best combination of coverage and price at that moment as we represent all the top carriers in this space.
      • Important Claims Updates for you Home Health Care Workers Compensation & Home Health Care Liability Insurance:
          • Our Claims Advocates are continuously polling and action planning your claims for closure which keeps your costs low.

iOS & Android: A Mobile App to Manage Your Home Health Care Insurance Claims

Timing after an accidental is critical…and the hours immediately following the accident can affect the cost of that particular  tremendously. Especially in the Home Health Care Insurance space where most of the field staff is solo. The ability to call and speak to a Claims Advocate 24/7 365 with our claim free hotline is one of the favorite features for our Home Health Care Agency clients.

Further our new mobile app will provide a mechanism to help alert our claims team and your HR department simultaneously of potential injuries and claims .

The quicker these incidents are logged into our system, they lower their ultimate end cost is which is one of the ways we are able to keep cost low on you home healthcare insurance program. 

Home Health Care Mobile Claims App

(Premium) Popular Solutions For Home Health Care’s Biggest Risks:


COMP CARE sets the standard in workers’ compensation cost containment, which is a common issue for Home Health Care providers. The program focuses on preventing injuries from happening in the first place, instilling procedures for when an injury does occur, and managing claims with the goal of getting the employee back to work as soon as possible. For more information on COMP CARE click here.

Think HR

Each Home Healthcare Agency get’s our training system for On-Boarding and training all levels of staff. Some of the system features:

    • Build job descriptions in minutes with over 2,000 templated, pre-built job descriptions which you can customize to your Agency.
    • Employee Handbook Builder.
    • Library of over 1,000 training videos & webinars; most offered in English and  Spanish.
    • Build your own training curriculum by position and job title.
    • Track training progress by employee.
    • Certificates of Completion and Training Completion Logs.
    • Live Certified HR Consultants available for individual HR questions.

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Home Health Testimonial

“We originally met with Metropolitan Risk because our workers comp costs had significantly increased. They told us we needed to proactively manage our risk and claims, and we agreed. We were confident they could help us accomplish our goals but honestly didn’t expect the ROI we received so soon. Our experience mod has decreased twice since we engaged. We are now working with them on improving other areas of our business and are much more confident in our systems and processes surrounding the managing of our risk & insurance. We are thrilled to have such a knowledgeable partner, and will never go back to our old ways again.”

Greg SchaeferCFO - Better Home HealthcareBetterHomeCare.com

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