Deep Claims – Claims Management

Many times when it comes to claims, the same person who handles the claims also certificate requests and renewal questions. It’s rare to even find a dedicated claims person at an insurance office. At Metropolitan Risk Advisory we go much deeper.

We realized early on that managing a client’s claims will yield significant financial returns. At Metropolitan Risk, we have a dedicated workers compensation, general liability, & auto adjuster to advocate on the employer’s behalf as the price that one pays for insurance is directly related to the claims performance on one’s account.

Our DEEP Comp, Liability, & Auto Adjuster set up a specific claims protocol separately for each line of insurance to compress the size of businesses claims. This simplifies the renewal process and allows for the best insurance markets to be captured so prices can be leveraged in the businesses favor.


Is “Deep Claims” part of your COMP CARE program?

Yes, for workers compensation claims, Deep Claims is essentially the 3rd bucket in our Comp Care program

Do you have to be our broker? For Comp? For Everything?

No. While we can take over your entire insurance program, or just a piece of it, we do not have to if it doesn’t make sense. We have many clients we just do risk management for.


“We were so lucky that all of our insurance moved to Metropolitan Risk before Sandy hit. Their claims team was literally on site within hours, taking us through each and every step—like a member of the family.  At that awful time, when we felt so vulnerable, it helped tremendously to know that we had Mike in our corner. It sounds corny, but he really cared.

We had no idea how much better protected we were until the checks came through (at breakneck speed) and realized it was twice what we would have gotten from the previous coverage.  They knew what we needed better than we did. You cannot go wrong with the folks at Met Risk.”

Jim Parker & Mary Beth DooleyProprieters - Red Hat on the