Fleet Safety Management

Our program combines decades of experience and today’s best technology into one highly effective enterprise solution for fleet safety management.

Backed by expert service professionals, our industry-leading tools help you identify risk and inefficiency, improve fleet safety and performance, simplify administrative tasks and reduce related costs. Just as importantly, our integrated, online platform makes it easy to manage and report critical data whenever and however it works best for your needs. Our solution covers the entire driver lifecycle:

  1. Pre-hire screening
  2. On-the-road monitoring
  3. Corrective training
  4. & everything in between


Web-based MVR monitoring ensures that you know when a driver receives a new violation (daily, weekly or monthly depending on state).


Partnering with leading GPS equipment supplier Geotab, our system’s telematics scorecard helps you turn comprehensive data on engine diagnostics, speeding, harsh braking and more into timely corrective action.

Decal Based Monitoring

Our vendor’s pioneering decal-based driver monitoring has delivered exceptional ROI for more than 20 years — and it’s even more valuable as a complementary component.

Cell Phone Monitoring

Concerned about distracted driving? We offer cell phone blocking and monitoring software that actively prevents distractions, provides more complete information, and works with a wider array of devices.


Take effective corrective action immediately with unlimited 24/7 access to the industry’s most comprehensive online safety training library.


The supervisor-employee meeting plays a key role in mitigating company liability when a driver demonstrates unsafe driving behavior. Our solution helps fleet managers document this interaction.

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