DISCLAIMER AND EXCULPATORY PROVISION:   The services, reports and forms of correspondence proposed do not include every loss potential, but relate only to the hazards to be examined and described for which Metropolitan Risk Services, Inc . will be specifically engaged. Nor should this proposal be deemed to constitute an undertaking to warrant or determine that the property, operations, work places, machinery or equipment are safe, or healthful, or in compliance with any law, decision, statute, ordinance, rule or regulation. Further, this proposal for services does not include an undertaking to identify violations of all federal, state or local statues, ordinance, decisions, rules or regulation, since Metropolitan Risk Services, Inc will not make any judgment whether or not such violations may exist.  Moreover, Metropolitan Risk Services, Inc. is not an insurer and no guarantee or insurance coverage is provided by the submission of this proposal.  Rather, this proposal is designed to offer services to only identify those certain risks and exposures for which Metropolitan Risk Services, Inc is specifically engaged as set forth herein, so that Metropolitan Risk Services, Inc does not guarantee that all risks beyond the scope of those services will be identified and that no loss will occur.  As such, Metropolitan Risk Services, Inc, to the fullest extent of the law,  assumes no liability and shall not be liable to Client for any such loss, claim or damage whether or not it is alleged to have been caused or contributed to by the services to be provided, or failed to be provided, herein by Metropolitan Risk Services, Inc. or pursuant to any legal duty that might otherwise exist.  In the event of any such loss, damage or injury to any person or property, the Client and/or Client’s insurers shall not look to Metropolitan Risk Services, Inc to recover any such damages, and releases Metropolitan Risk Services, Inc from any such loss, damage or claims, including without limitation, those for contribution, indemnification or subrogation.