The Metropolitan Risk Difference

The Best Insurance Rates For Construction. Period.

At Metropolitan Risk we understand the goal of most construction companies is to build it on time and on budget. We also understand the impact significant claims can have on your current and future profits. In the construction industry if your insurance and risk related costs rise by more than 20% it can potentially wipe out a whole years profit.  Further as your insurance costs escalate it could put you underwater on your existing contracts as well as impede your ability to win future work as your competitive position erodes. That’s why it’s so important to partner with someone who can design a risk management program.  We help repair companies whose cost structures have eroded so as you go into your next renewal cycle you have proper systems in place so past won’t become prologue.  

Your Own O.O.D.A Risk Management System

High insurance costs are ultimately a symptom of your past losses. That’s why we built our proprietary O.O.D.A Risk Management System which allows you to easily manage your risk management program. We give you access to all kinds of claim criteria like causation, location, and even body part. We also tell you how your claims directly affect your costs. With this system, you won’t need to wait until renewal to know where your costs are headingYou will have real time access to reports such as a loss pic, trend analysis and all risk related activity.


Cloud Based, 24/7 Human Resources Team

We have partnered with ThinkHR to provide you with a powerful tool to make quick, accurate and intelligent Human Resources decisions. Businesses across the country are calling it the best HR resource they’ve ever used.

ThinkHR doesn’t make you talk to a machine. Instead, you get access to real live HR professionals. If you don’t have a Human Resources department, now you do! If you have one, make their lives easier, with ThinkHR.

Annual Checkup & Coaching Calls

We think that lasting success stems from accountability – from trust. With our annual check-up, and regular coaching calls, our staff ensures that we’re on top of your account. This check up often includes:

  • Loss History Evaluation
  • Mod Analysis
  • Audit Verification (Audits frequently have errors, the ones we find could mean a check in the mail for you)
  • Insurance Marketing Strategy
  • Important Claims Updates

A Mobile App to Manage Your Risk

What happens immediately after an incident occurs is critical to the outcome of a claim. Our new mobile app will allow your supervisors and employees in the field to efficiently notify all stakeholders(and us) when something has happened. From an employee injury to documenting a safety hazard. This ensures a few things:

1. They document the incident. Management finds out about it in a timely manner.

2. They get the necessary treatment, remediation, investigation, etc.


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Risk Hot Spots

Sub Contractor Qualification

RISK ROCKET is a proprietary insurance verification and analysis system designed for General Contractors, Developers and Real Estate Owners that DO NOT want to rely solely on the Certificates of Insurance their Sub Contractors or Contractors provide. This system verifies that there will be a pool of capital available for them if there is an accident or event consistent with the Indemnity Agreement signed in the outset obligating certain coverages.

The Certificate Insurance Management system reports to the management of our construction firms how closely the sub contractors insurance coverage matches the requirements of the Master Sub Agreements they have signed with our General Contractor, Developer, and Real Estate clients.

High Workers’ Compensation Cost

Our popular COMP CARE program helps construction companies reduce the frequency & impact of workers compensation claims with the goal of lowering the experience modification rating. In addition to a higher cost structure, a high experience rating can prevent you from getting certain jobs, especially government work.


At Metropolitan Risk, we treat bonds as what they are: guarantees. If you’re a business or contractor, we can help bond your project to ensure that it’s completed, no matter what situations may arise.

We specialize in many types of bonds and surety products, including bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, license, labor & material bonds, fidelity bonds, janitorial service bonds, and lost title bonds.

Fleet Safety Management

We have the ability to bring you best in class fleet safety technology at a cost effective price. This could include:

Video in every vehicle – Patented vehicle data and video event recording technology, combined with a comprehensive driving performance program. Helps protect drivers on the road, and improve results for fleets everywhere.

Telematics – helps you turn comprehensive data on engine diagnostics, speeding, harsh braking and more into timely corrective action.

Web-based MVR monitoring –  ensures that you know when a driver receives a new violation (daily, weekly or monthly depending on state).

Decal Based Monitoring – Our vendor’s pioneering decal-based driver monitoring has delivered exceptional ROI for more than 20 years — and it’s even more valuable as a complementary component.

Plus – Cell Phone Monitoring, Training, & Coaching

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with some great companies:

“I personally had a background in insurance prior to joining Great American.  When I made the move to the real estate development and construction industry I immediately realized the brokers we were using were not proactive in handling our account, they were strictly transactional intermediaries.  At an industry event a business friend introduced me to Mike and his team.  Following that event Mike and his team took the time to specifically learn our business and determine what our insurance needs were, and more importantly where our exposure was.  They crafted a program to protect our business, they isolated our largest cost drivers (one being uninsured subcontractor losses), helped us tighten our contracts, and educated our staff on how to manage our vendor’s insurance.  Their Risk Rocket System enabled us to run most of our liability losses through the sub’s insurance which kept our own losses low, reducing our insurance renewal costs.  Within three years they delivered a seven figure savings within our cost structure allowing us to focus and grow our business within our core competencies.  We could not have achieved that result without the Met Risk team. They taught us the value of managing risk versus buying insurance only with an eye toward lowering our insurance costs.”

Sam GaccionePresident - GAC Equity Partners Ltd and GAC Builders

“We could have purchased insurance for our projects at a number of brokerages. We engaged Metropolitan Risk because they had a turn key solution for two of the largest cost drivers in our construction business. By helping us formally manage our subs insurance with their Risk Rocket program AND helping us manage our employee injuries with their Comp Care program our construction firm has saved blood and treasure. This allows us to focus on what we do best which is develop and build. A heartfelt thanks to the Met Risk Team.”

Kevin O’SullivanOwner - Time Square

“I met with Metropolitan Risk because I knew I had challenges inside my business and was having trouble finding an effective way to solve them. Our safety procedures were incomplete and inconsistent which showed up in our claims and as a result our experience mod. It increased our costs to the point where it was impossible to ignore. After meeting with Alex and the Met Risk team, it was clear my business could benefit from their expertise. I was optimistic that together we would be able to accomplish all the goals we originally outlined, but didn’t think that we could accomplish so much, so soon. Being in business nearly 30 years, it just seemed too good to be true. Well, in this case it definitely wasn’t.  I’m thrilled with the decision we made to hire them. It’s a decision that has paid for itself 3-4 times over already.”

Glenn GriffinOwner - Griffin’s

“I was skeptical that Met Risk would be able to accomplish all the things they originally outlined at our first meeting. But our experience mod was high and our safety policies needed help. Rebar decided to trust their process.  They have far outperformed all of our expectations. The Met Risk staff has the most complete insurance and risk expertise I have come across in the 25 years I have been in business.  They have opened my eyes to the damage you can do to your company due to lack of knowledge in the insurance field. Met Risk has exceeded our expectations.”

Teresa Smith Owner - Rebar Steel