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What Are The Employer Posting Requirements for NY State

A frequent question we get from NY State employers are what are the employer posting requirements for NY State. It’s important to update your employer postings, especially since the New York State Department of Labor is requiring a poster placed in a high trafficked area explaining and giving direction on your Sexual Harassment policy. For more […]

Can I Pay My Employee While They Are Out On Workers Compensation?

Did you know, depending on your company structure, you can pay your employees their regular wages in lieu of workers compensation? If an employee is accidentally injured during the course and scope of their employment, a claim is reported to the workers compensation insurance carrier. Once the claim becomes accepted, the carrier commences lost wage […]

Knowing The Additional Insured Status for Un Enrolled Sub on a CCIP or OCIP Can Be Worth Millions

I read somewhere that a smart person learns from their mistakes while a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. In the spirit of this musing I offer up a recent experience of an electrical subcontracting firm, a large CCIP (Contractor Controlled Insurance Program) and their respective insurance companies; shared to me by a […]

OSHA Reporting Guide for 2018

REMINDER ; it’s that time of year again. Certain companies by virtue of their size and or their industries are required to post a summary of their injuries at their worksite between February 1st and April 30th. No worries; that’s why we built our OSHA REPORTING GUIDE FOR 2018. The form to be used is OSHA […]

When An Employee Refuses Medical Injury Treatment For Potential Workers Compensation Claim

Befuddled on what to do when an employee refuses  treatment for a worker compensation claim? Based on the geographic location of your business, many state workers’ compensation statutes limit and mandate certain employer actions when a worker is injured. Depending on the state, there are specific timelines to follow and forms to complete. But what about […]

What Are Micro Captives & How Can Your Business Utilize Them?

Let’s start from square one.  Captives, unlike insurance companies, are risk financing structures that do not pool risk between thousands of companies in exchange for a premium.  They are expressly built to act just like and replace insurance companies by efficiently managing claims and paying losses from a special captive account themselves.  The reason very […]

Workers Compensation Carriers Are Misclassifying Employees of On-Line Retailers and Wholesalers

Workers Compensation Carriers Are Misclassifying Employees Of On-Line Retailers and Wholesalers One area we see a lot of errors is the proper classification of employees of On Line Retailers and On Line Wholesalers during a workers compensation audit from insurance carriers like the New York State Insurance Fund.  Within these businesses most  have no retail […]

Why NY Construction Insurance May Be Toxic To Your Profits

Why NY Construction Insurance May Be Toxic To Your Profits I was having a beer with a friend of mine at a golf outing recently. He’s an accountant in the construction practice group at a major accounting firm. I told him the story about a construction company I met with recently that was underpricing their […]

How To Obtain The NY Workers Compensation Safe Patient Handling Credit

Regulation 119 issued from the Department of Financial Services stipulates that companies who develop, implement, and maintain safe patient handling programs may receive up to a 2.5% NY workers compensation safe patient handling credit . During the 2014 NY State Budget there were rules that requires health care facilities to establish safe patient handling programs […]