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Health Care & Human Services

At Metropolitan Risk we understand the goal of most human services organizations is to serve their constituents while lowering their fixed operations and administrative costs. We have developed over the years an expertise and acumen in certain industry segments, enabling us to deliver substantial results for practice group clients consistently year in and year out.

What makes our human services practice group unique is blending the science and protocols of risk management, with the placing of the insurance contract enabling us to achieve a result for the client that cannot be duplicated by a transaction focused brokerage relationship. Our clients understand that the price they pay on insurance is directly correlated to how well the claims are managed on the account. This is why we focus on risk management first to set and achieve mutually agreed upon goals. We focus on lowering and managing your liability and workers compensation claims experience.

Specialty Programs

The list below consists of classes of business that have their own unique set of risks, challenges, and protocols that must be contemplated as we seek to place insurance coverage, which is only the start of our potential engagement.


“We originally met with Metropolitan Risk because our workers comp costs had significantly increased. They told us we needed to proactively manage our risk and claims, and we agreed. We were confident they could help us accomplish our goals but honestly didn’t expect the ROI we received so soon. Our experience mod has decreased twice since we engaged. We are now working with them on improving other areas of our business and are much more confident in our systems and processes surrounding the managing of our risk & insurance. We are thrilled to have such a knowledgeable partner, and will never go back to our old ways again.”

Greg SchaeferCFO - Better Home

“Michael Stoop and his talented team at Metropolitan Risk have been so helpful to us at Student Advocacy. It’s nice to see him sharing his expertise far and wide. Thank you, Met Risk!”

Martha JordanAssistant Director - Student

“Met Risk addressed key issues relating to our facility, staff, and board of directors, which were concerns with our previous program. We feel our operations are in a safer place as Met Risk has demonstrated their extensive knowledge and resource base, relating to child care”

Norma Brockman Director - Red Balloon Learning